How much does a workers' compensation attorney cost?

California Workers' Compensation FAQ

How much does a workers' compensation attorney cost?

Injured employees often wonder, “Can I afford to hire a Los Angeles workers’ comp attorney?” The answer is “yes.” Attorneys’ fees for workers’ compensation are strictly regulated and affordable.

By law, applicant’s attorneys can be paid only by the contingent fee. That means your workers’ comp attorney will get paid only if he or she wins your case. If you don’t recover, you don’t owe your attorney a fee. In addition, you do not have to pay your workers’ comp attorney a retainer or any money up front to take the case or make any payments as your case progresses. If an attorney tries to charge you up front, get a new attorney.

What is the Fee Percentage for Workers' Comp Attorney?

The workers’ compensation attorneys’ fee is a percentage of the award that the attorney recovers for you. The fee percentage is usually between 12 percent and 15 percent depending on how complicated your case is and how good a job the judge thinks your attorney did. A 12 to 15 percent contingent fee is really a bargain rate. For comparison purposes, in a car accident or other personal injury case, the attorneys’ fee is typically between 25 percent and 50 percent of the client’s recovery. In the Los Angeles area, judges typically award 15 percent in most cases.

What the Workers' Compensation Attorney Fee Is Based On?

The attorneys’ fee in a workers’ compensation case is assessed on:

  • Your permanent disability award.
  • Any money you receive in settlement of your anticipated future medical expenses.
    Any retroactive temporary disability payments owed to you. (These are payments you should have received earlier, but did not).
  • Any penalties the employer or insurer has to pay you. (Your award can be increased by penalties if your employer or the insurer failed to pay benefits, did not paying them in a timely manner, discriminated against you for filing a claim, or engaged in serious and willful misconduct). A fee on the present and future payments of temporary disability may be awarded by a Workers’ Compensation Judge in certain circumstances such as when your attorney has to go to trial on that issue and a judge determines that a fee is justified.

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