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Individuals suffering from workplace injuries are entitled to benefits through their employers’ workers’ compensation insurance. If you have been injured on a job site, you should hire a Los Angeles workers’ compensation lawyer to determine exactly which benefits you are entitled to under workers’ compensation insurance.Below is a brief summary of the various types of workers’ compensation benefits and who qualifies for them.

Medical Care

Workers’ compensation provides medical benefits, which include hospital and medical expenses necessary to identify and treat the workplace injuries. Each state covers different things under medical care. But generally, all states cover items such as doctor’s visits, medication, surgeries and medical equipment to help you deal with your injury.Your Los Angeles workers’ compensation lawyer will go over exactly what medical benefits and care you are entitled to according to your state’s specific workers’ compensation program.


Workers’ compensation benefits also cover any rehabilitation care that you may need with respect to your workplace injuries. Rehabilitation may also include any care or training you require to regain the necessary skills and abilities to return to work.


Your Los Angeles workers’ compensation lawyer will also help you apply for disability benefits, depending on whether you have suffered total, partial, temporary or permanent disability. The disability benefit you will ultimately be entitled to will depend on how much you were earning prior to your injury, which is typically two-thirds of your wages. Disability benefits are not taxable, although there will be a waiting period of time before you can start collecting disability benefits.


Dependents of a victim who has died as a result of a workplace injury may also collect workers’ compensation death benefits. Individuals entitled to such benefits must have been financially dependent on the deceased. They typically include a spouse, child, parent or sibling. Such benefits are designed to cover burial and funeral expenses and to compensate the family members for the loss of financial support.

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